How To Fill In Eyebrows For A Look That Last All Day

Well defined eyebrows frame our eyes and give us a more youthful look. Thicker, natural brows have been in favor recently. However, many of us have been through years of over-tweezing and need to fill in our eyebrows for the fuller look.

With such a variety of eyebrow products to choose from, including pencils, powders, gels, and waxes, it’s hard to know which to choose. The good news is that you can create the brows you want with practice, good technique and the right products.

After going through many trials, these are my favorites that make it much easier to sculpt and fill in eyebrows that last all day.

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Anatasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil

The Anatasia Brow Wiz is an award-winning mechanical brow pencil used for filling in sparse areas. It can make little hair-like strokes with it’s the slim retractable tip. I use soft brown, but there are a variety of shades for your ideal match.

Always start with clean, dry brows. For a starting point hold the Brows Wiz vertically from the outside of the nose up to the brow and place a dot there. For the arch, slant the pencil toward the iris, and put a second dot there. To mark the tail of the brow, rotate it to the corner of the eye, and place the last dot there. Then lightly outline brows and fill in any sparse areas. You can buy it here.

Anatasia Brow Powder Duo

For the next step I use Anatasia Brow Powder. It comes in small mirrored compact and contains two colors. I go over the entire brow with it, using an angled brush like the Anatasia Brush #14. I apply the powder with long, smooth, light strokes.

Swiping and blending the two shades together makes it easy to create just the right color.  Using the lighter color at the start of the brow gives a more natural look. The spoolie on the end of the angled brush is handy for brushing the brow after the powder is applied. For mature women, I prefer a softer look. But it also gives medium coverage for the bolder brow. Buy here.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

For the last step I use Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow. This multi-tasking brow gel contains tiny, tinted microfibers to add color and thickness to brows. Additionally, it holds them in place.  You can use it over the pencil and powder combination, or use it alone. 

The long-wearing formula is water resistant and keeps my brow makeup on all day.  It’s available in a wide variety of shades. Gimme Brow is an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner for 2019. You can buy it here.

In Conclusion

Any of these eyebrow products can be used alone to make a great look. But when I want brows that last the day, I use all of them together. After all, well groomed brows give us a fresh, polished look. With the help of some good products and proper technique, making the brows I wanted wasn’t difficult anymore.

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