Rogaine For Women Review

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about hair thinning in women and my experience using Rogaine for Women. Over two-thirds of postmenopausal women suffer from female pattern hair thinning. At my dermatologist’s suggestion, I started using it. Read my Rogaine For Women Review below.

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What It Is

Rogaine For Women foam contains 5% minoxidil. Minoxidil is a drug applied to the scalp better known by the brand name Rogaine. The Food and Drug Administration approved it for use in women, and you don’t need a prescription to buy it. Here is my experience using it.


To begin with, I applied Rogaine for Women’s 5% foam along the scalp at the top of my head once a day. It works to reactivate hair follicles to regrow hair. The pictures on the side of the box state that it helps women who have general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp that looks like this.

The foam is white. The instructions say to apply a capful the with fingers to thinning areas starting from back to front with a gentle massaging motion.

Next, I wanted to try the liquid because the foam made my hair a little sticky. So I switched to the generic Walgreens Women Minoxidil 2% ($18.99 for one month supply). I applied the drops morning and night along the scalp in the crown and top part of my hair along the part area. Then there wasn’t so much of the stickiness, but my hair looked wet around the roots, and I had to let it dry.

Walgreens Woman’s Minoxidil

After finishing the bottle, I switched back to the foam for several reasons. First, for convenience of only have to apply it once a day. Secondly, the liquid minoxidil tended to run down my scalp, and I had to be careful that it didn’t drip down my forehead onto my eyebrows. The foam stayed where I put it.

When applying the Women’s Rogaine this time, I used less than a capful because I only put in on the top of my head. It was less sticky then because I learned not to use so much. My hairstylist warned me to be careful and not get the product past the root area, or it could make my hair dry.


These are my results after using it for four months consistently. The new hair growth that I see is along the front hairline and around my temples (these days every bit counts).

I do not see much hair coming in anywhere in the top part areas yet. I went to my hairstylist yesterday, and she said it was working because she could see new hairs growing on the top of my head, and that I might not see them because I already have hair there. She said she had some beautiful results from other clients.

My Hairline Before Using Minoxidil
Regrowth After 4 Months


I had to have patience with Minoxidil and didn’t see any new growth for about two months of consistent use. To keep the new hair, I will have to keep using it, or else it will fall out again. I plan to continue it for now. But there are new treatments that look interesting like the platelet-rich plasma and laser bands.

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4 thoughts on “Rogaine For Women Review”

  1. Have tried Minoxidil, and see some regrowth already (3 months). However, both liquid and foam leave my hair sticky and dull-looking. Is there a best time to apply it or to shampoo that might help? Is it okay to use detangling or shine sprays after the Minoxidil has dried? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Hi Susan,
      For me the best time to apply it is at night, then I shampoo my hair in the morning. If I don’t wash my hair that day, I brush through it and try to break up the stickiness from the night before, and that helps some. I don’t use detangling spays myself, just a conditioner I rinse out. I use shampoos for thin hair. Right now I’m using Loreal Ever Pure for volume, or the Bosley BOS Revive. Hope that helps. Liz

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